Emergency numbers

For advice or assistance during business hours which is not catered for by the following helplines please telephone our office number 0345 606 0431 or email the claims department on ansvar.claims@ansvar.co.uk.

Counselling Helplines

DAS will provide a confidential counselling service over the phone with onward referral to the appropriate voluntary or professional services – telephone 0345 850 8947 (call will NOT be recorded).
Quote following references when calling DAS:
  • Care Homes: TS5/3603486
  • Small Business: HL/3603514
  • Churches: TS5/3391503
  • Church Fellowships: TS/3471880
  • Home Connect: TS1/3518711
We appreciate emergency situations may arise requiring immediate expenditure however if you are unable to obtain our authority prior to incurring expenses we will expect charges paid for services and replacement items to be reasonable for us to consider full reimbursement.

Domestic Assistance Service (DAS)

We will arrange help or repairs needed if you have a domestic emergency in your home, such as a burst pipe, blocked drain, broken window or building damage.
To get help from DAS, phone 0345 850 8946
When phoning, please tell us your policy number. Please do not phone this number to report a general insurance claim. We will not accept responsibility if the Helpline service fails for reasons we cannot control.

Buildings helplines

Broken or cracked windows or door glass – 24 hour repair or replacement phone 0345 600 0148

For all other emergencies requiring immediate action, assistance is available from DAS on Ansvar’s dedicated line 0345 850 8946.