Clubs, Groups and Societies - frequently asked questions

Do you only provide cover for registered charities under Clubs, Groups and Societies?

We can provide cover for a club, group or society, even if it is not a registered charity or not-for-profit group.

How do I know if the most relevant product for my risk is Clubs, Groups and Societies?

Our new user-friendly web portal funnel ensures the selected trade is placed on the correct product. See our How to Guide for further information.

Is Clubs, Groups and Societies web only?

Our underwriters can provide a traditional quotation for larger or more complex risks

How quickly can you get a quote?

In as little as 60 seconds using our improved web portal.

How many questions need answering to get a quote?


How many packages of cover do we provide?

Three - Essentials, Advantage & Advantage Plus. Clubs, Groups and Societies offers you the choice of selecting the sections of cover you want or having a package of cover.

What’s the minimum premium?

£80 (plus insurance premium tax)

My quote has referred, does this mean you can insure it?

A referral means an underwriter needs to look at it more closely, we can usually provide terms and where possible, we will try to keep the risk online