Young People Risk Management

Whatever the extent to which young people are involved in your organisation, there may be some steps you will need to take to make sure that they remain safe.

Legal requirements:

  • A young person is defined as anyone under the age of 18
  • Under laws such as the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and other associated regulations, every employer must ensure all their employees are protected from danger. With this in mind, additional consideration is required for young people, whether it is for work, work experience or as an apprentice
  • Young people may be unaware of existing or potential risks due to lack of skills and/or knowledge
  • If someone is injured, you may need to show you have met your duty of care
  • Young people have different employment rights from adult workers and are subject to protection in relation to the hours they work. See for more info

Example hazards:

  • The layout of the premises might pose a specific danger for young people
  • Hazardous substances used on the premises
  • Work equipment requiring specific training
  • Tasks that require particular skills or knowledge to be done safely

Example precautions you can take:

  • Appoint someone to supervise young people
  • Deliver tailored training or closer supervision for young people
  • Consider if the work required of a young person is beyond their physical or psychological capacity
  • Ensure that young people are taking appropriate precautions if and when they are exposed to hazardous substances or noise

Risk management overview:

  1. Identify where any young people are working or are involved in volunteering activities at your premises
  2. Check the precautions you have taken are adequate. If not, identify new precautions and implement them
  3. Ensure that young people know how to work safely, providing training as required  
  4. Document all of the above and review your arrangement periodically