Working at Height

Follow our working at height risk assessment guides and watch our short video to double check you are taking all the necessary precautions.

1. Identify circumstances where working or access at height may be required and document this. If a formal risk assessment has been done this should have been included. 

2. Where working or access at height is required, check the precautions you have taken are adequate. Make sure the safe use of ladders and stepladders is covered as this is a significant risk area. Make a note of all precautions including who should be taking them. 

3. Follow-up to check all precautions are in place and schedule regular check-ups to ensure they continue to be so.

4. Avoid the need for work on or near fragile services such as roof lights. 

5. Ensure that no work is conducted when weather conditions make the work or access unsafe. 

6. Provide employees and volunteers with all the information they need and document any information or training that is provided, especially concerning the use of ladders and stepladders. 

7. Document all your arrangements, responsibilities and steps as outlined above. 
Click here for our working at height risk advice video.