Metal theft

Metal theft from your premises poses a number of risks, especially if the metal stolen is part of the fabric of your building and therefore may expose your building to damage. Read this guide to understand what you can do to prevent metal theft.

Example security measures you can take:

  • Remove easy access on to the roofs of your premises via trees, waste bins and water butts
  • Store ladders securely
  • Keep gates locked and restrict vehicle access to your premises
  • Maximise surveillance levels
  • Carry out regular checks of your premises, especially roofs, so any theft of roofing materials is discovered before damage is caused from rainwater entering the building
  • Encourage members of the community to keep a vigilant eye on the building and to report any suspicious activity
  • Ask your local Police Community Support Officers to include your premises on their patrols
  • If you have a heritage property or a church in England, consider joining voluntary national network the Alliance to Reduce Crime against Heritage (ARCH) 
  • Apply anti-climb paint to drain pipes and roof guttering to restrict access to roofing 
  • Protect the lower section of lightning conductor ribbons, using a metal cage or sheath
  • Consider installing security lighting, particularly at roof level where metal roof coverings are present 
  • Security mark metal goods with tools like Smartwater 
  • Consider installing CCTV
  • Consider installing intruder alarm protection to external roof areas
  • If scaffolding is in use, consider protecting it and the access it provides to your roofs with a scaffold alarm
  • If theft of metal occurs, consider the environmental and conservation benefits when replacing it, also whether a less theft-attractive material would be a better option