Ansvar Insurance and The Hygiene Bank

In Eastbourne 33% of children are being brought up in hygiene poverty. Hygiene poverty also affects mental health – children being bullied at school, low self-esteem, and confidence to go to a job interview. Babies without nappies; families bathing in washing up liquid; children suffering from nits and going to school dirty; women’s refuges trying to support women and young children who have experienced trauma.

Ansvar set up the Eastbourne arm of The Hygiene Bank, by setting up a team to co-ordinate a local response to a local need.  We have supported the workforce by allowing volunteering time, permitting the use of pool cars to pick up and deliver items, and providing vital room for storage. 
They have been fully supported and Ansvar have been more than happy to encourage the initiative and give back to the community of which they are a part of. 
Through social media, local press and events we have organised drop off points throughout our local area and approached charity partners to ensure we can reach the right people. We have run fundraising events such as the Eastbourne to John O’Groats Challenge during lockdown.  We clocked up the miles by walking, cycling, swimming and horse riding to complete a virtual trek to John O’Groats – we even made it back to Eastbourne! 
The ethos of the charity is give local, help local.
 “We picked up at lunchtime today and by the end of the afternoon two people had already benefitted from these donated items. They’re things most of us will think of as necessities but for some are unaffordable luxuries. With thanks to The Hygiene Bank Eastbourne!”
Charity Partner
“Thank you so much for the nappies, wipes, cotton wool and baby oil that you gave us, which was a huge help to our client who was in a very difficult situation”  
Charity Partner

Ansvar’s pro-active, can-do approach has resulted in an Eastbourne arm of the charity being set up in record time and the collections they promote and manage have helped countless people within the local community. We can’t thank them enough for their help.

Lizzy Hall, Founder, The Hygiene Bank