Life Skills Education

Life Skills have been developing and delivering their drug and life skills education resources for teachers in UK schools for over 21 years. Their programmes are put together using evidence from research and follow government guidelines and best practice.

The courses revolve around the DARE Decision Making Model (DDMM) which is a unique framework that helps young people to make informed, balanced choices by: 
  • Defining the issue
  • Assessing their options and possible consequences
  • Responding by making an informed decision 
  • Evaluating their response
The DARE model is used throughout the programmes they run, which cover topics around alcohol, tobacco, new psychoactive substances, cannabis and solvents which are delivered in schools by their fully trained DARE Officers.
Their aims are to: 
  • Educate young people to lead safe and healthy lives and achieve their potential
  • To provide drug and alcohol education to more young people year on year
  • And their learning outcomes speak for themselves...

Communication and listening

Young people who had a Life Skills Education intervention were 3.4 times more advanced in communicating and listening than the control group.

Getting help from others

Young people that undergo their programmes are 5.4 times more likely to seek help from other people.

Making safe and responsible choices

Young people that have taken a DARE programme are twice as likely to make safe and responsible choices.

Knowledge around substances

Young people were 2.4 times more knowledgeable about drugs, alcohol and substance use/abuse.
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