About us

Ansvar is a business division of Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc. We are proud to have been named Insurance Company of the Year at the Better Society Awards 2015, an annual event that honours commercial companies whose efforts extend beyond commercial success and make valuable contributions to society.

“We commit to providing the most comprehensive and competitive product range we can“

We commit to:

  • Meeting the needs of churches and their connected organisations, charities and other voluntary groups
  • Providing the most comprehensive and competitive product range we can
  • Offering household insurance to individuals who have connections to organisations in the not-for-profit sector
  • Giving the best customer service in our industry

We also have a clearly defined ethical trading and investment policy which states that we will not trade or do business with any companies associated with drugs, alcohol or armaments.

And finally, we like to give back to the community by supporting initiatives aimed at educating children and young people on the risks of drugs and alcohol abuse.