Green Credentials

Ansvar is committed to improving energy efficiency wherever possible and taking a pro-active approach to reducing our carbon footprint.

 A number of initiatives have been put in place over the past couple of years:
  • Solar panel installation 2014 - Ansvar has 32 Solar PV panels installed which generate on average per year 6150 kWh. This saves approx. 3.5 tons of CO2 emissions per year
  • Energy saving light bulbs are fitted throughout the building
  • PIR light sensors are fitted throughout the building
  • Cistermisers are fitted in toilets to reduce water usage
Activities to manage our waste reduction have been in place for several years and we actively recycle the following waste products:
  • Paper - Ansvar is part of the Shred-it recycling program and recycle an amount equivalent to 50 trees each year 
  • Drinking cups - all vending machine cups for visitors are made of cardboard and recyclable. All staff have reusable cups.
  • Toner cartridges
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic bottles
  • Tin cans
And finally, more than 80% of our policy documents and brochures are sent electronically rather than by post.

Proudly part of the Benefact Group

As part of the Benefact Group, we believe sharing in the responsibility of climate change is the right thing to do. The Group have been active in climate reduction for a number of years.

Click here to read more about our ambition to be net zero for the Group by 2040.