Coram acts every day to support the UKs most vulnerable children, young people and their families

Coram is one of the UK's oldest charities. It was established as a refuge for abandoned children by Captain Thomas Coram in 1720. Coram was a philanthropist who wanted to provide care for children left dying on London’s streets. His campaign lasting 19 years finally caught the attention of King George II who, in 1739, gave Captain Coram a Royal Charter to create the Foundling Hospital. Captain Coram’s pioneering work further attracted some historically significant patrons including the artist William Hogarth and composer George Frideric Handel.
Today Coram continues to rely on the support of generous benefactors to ensure they can:
  • Find loving, stable families for children in the greatest need through adoption
  • Protect children and young people from being left to drift in the care system
  • Support isolated young people in taking charge of their lives
  • Give parents the confidence to do their best for their children
  • Educate children in making responsible choices in life.
To help Coram please follow the link below and make a contribution.