Children's Hospital Pyjamas

In 2019, Children’s Hospital Pyjamas distributed approximately 10,000 pairs of pyjamas. By 2022 this figure had more than doubled to over 21,000.

The charity are often asked why pyjamas are needed in hospitals, as people would expect them to be provided by parents or care givers. 
Here are some examples of why they donate pyjamas:
  • Children may arrive in A&E having had their clothing damaged, or in situations when there hasn’t been time to pack essentials 
  • They may have their own pyjamas but need a fresh pair due to illness or accident
  • Some children attend hospital via social services, and may not own their own.
  • In refuges, children may have fled a dangerous situation and might not have had time to take any clothing
  • Donated pyjamas have also been used to dress children who have passed away, so their families can see them looking comfortable and at peace
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