About us

Ansvar is part of the Ecclesiastical Group of companies. A Group which each year gives their profits to charities across the country.

We commit to providing the most comprehensive and competitive product range we can

We specialise in charity and faith insurance, starting life in Sweden over 60 years ago. We cover thousands of risks in the UK, and unlike other insurers, our products are specifically designed for the niches we insure. 

Our products

You can easily take out any Ansvar product by contacting your insurance broker. Have a look at our extensive product range – which covers everything from fundraising events to museums – or speak to your broker who can help you choose the right cover.

Our people

We’re known for our outstanding service, sector knowledge and swift claims handling. When we’re not working, many of us volunteer for charities and our team here set up a local charity themselves, for which they have been recognised by winning a number of awards.

Our ethics

Finally, we also have a clearly defined ethical trading and investment policy which states that we will not trade or do business with any companies associated with drugs, alcohol or armaments.