All about Ansvar

21 September 2022

Last year we commissioned a series of videos to capture what we think makes Ansvar special as a charity and faith insurance provider. You might have seen these on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages, but here’s your one stop shop to watch them all together.


We really understand charities. After all, we're owned by one.

Unlike other insurance companies, we’re owned by a charity, so our profits don’t go to shareholders, they’re given back to charities across the UK, benefiting those in need across all communities.

We've donated over £750,000 to charities in the last 10 years

We are so proud to support charities who promote healthy lifestyles to children and young adults across the UK. Read more about our charitable objectives here.

Did you know the word 'Ansvar' is Swedish for 'responsibility'?

Did you know our name is Swedish, which is where we were formed in 1932?
It's also a word that is so important to us in everything we do.

We support charities in educating young people and children about the effects of drugs and alcohol.

We are so passionate about helping young people to make healthy lifestyle choices, you can view our current charity partners here.

We insure thousands of charities and free churches.

We specialise in charity and faith insurance covering thousands of risks in the UK, and unlike other insurers, our products are specifically designed for the niches we insure.

Although we were founded in Sweden over 90 years ago, our headquarters are now in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

We are dedicated to being market leaders, today, and every day. No matter where we are based. You can read our customer promise here.

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